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Say goodbye to calling 800 numbers or your account team. Qualify your sites, compare quotes, and order telecom online. We save our customers hours and an average of 32% on their bills.

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A comparison of Good Telco and traditional telecommunications ordering process

There's always been bad telco.
Now, there's Good Telco.

Modern IT leaders have more important things to worry about than vetting vendors for their DIA, Broadband, WAN & Voice. Stop calling 800 numbers and taking discovery meetings with account executives.

Utilize Good Telco's relationships with 300+ providers and source your business telecom needs in minutes, entirely online. We guarantee the lowest prices from the best vendors, and our service is free.

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Business telecom sourcing
the way it should be

Qualify your
locations online

Calling 800 numbers and meeting with account teams is a headache. We qualify your address and let you know which providers are available with just a few clicks.

Let us handle
the negotiating

We only quote you for the services you request at the lowest prices available. No more worrying about hidden add-ons, bundle packages, or being misled on costs.


Telecom contracts are confusing. Our specialists make sure your order is done right the first time and can answer any questions you have.

Quote, Order and Give Back with Good Telco

Get Good Telco, Give Good Telco

For every circuit you order, we donate one year of internet to a family in need.